Bluebird Bath started as a really tiny idea. It started with a love of beautiful paper, vintage images and most importantly hot baths. Armed only with the idea of what the product could be, but no knowledge whatsoever of how to produce it on a large scale, how to sell it, how to merchandise it or how to actually make a business work, it is only through trial and error and the generous help and understanding of many people that the tiny idea was able to grow into the small idea that it is today! This small idea was nurtured by many people, most of whom were strangers at the time, who patiently shared their knowledge and expertise. The most important thing I learned is that there are many kind, helpful and generous people and that they make the world a better place. I want to thank all of you for your help, your patience and for helping this little whim become a business.

Gerry, Rachel, Will, Norma, Daisy, Brittie, Carolyn, George, Ling, Meme, Elaine, Heidi, Dee, Sally, Karen, Mimi, Ann, Debbie, Debbie, Liane, Monica, Ann, Marci, Eric, Fred & Nisa, Ray, Eleanor & Golden West Envelopes, Kelly & Margaret, Vicky, Dave & ECC, Karen & Dome Printing, Lisa, Susan, Heather & Paul, Cindy, Tiffany, Shelli, Marilee, Clara & Ron, Jill, Nancy, Mary Beth, Jennifer, Debbie & Joy, Nancy, Erica, Julie, Val & Sharon, Denise, Jensy, Julie, Trish, Vicky & Jeannie, David, Lynn

A huge and special thanks to all the store owners who sell this in their shops.
Without you none of this would be possible!

Thanks a Bunch !